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Recent testimonials

William C.
I was needing some help with a judgement case. I called Mr. Roper at the time he was in hospital, but he said he would take care of the problem as soon as he was discharged. His help was beyond what I expected. I had a dismissal that afternoon. I Would not hesitate to use him again.

Robert D.
Mr. Roper has helped me with several matters. More than once, he charged me absolutely nothing, not because I couldn't pay, but because he stated that he didn't devote enough time to my issue. I highly recommend Mr. Roper. He is an attorney you can trust.

Frank R.
The Only Lawyer Who Took My Case...and Won
I had a problem with a credit card company taking a debt settlement agreement that was made, but they took my money and sold my account to another company who then attempted to collect the remainder. I was lied to and needed justice. I talked to almost every civil lawyer in town and none would take my case. One told me that there just was not any money in it. I was more worried about my record being set straight rather than getting monetary damages. Monetary damages would just be a bonus. It turns out all those other lawyers just didn't have the knowledge or experience. They had no idea what to do.

Mr. Roper took my case and he knew exactly what to do. I handed him all of my documentation and paid his retainer. He was kind enough to call me and give me status updates every few weeks even though I chose to not call him and let him concentrate on his work. A couple months later my problem was fixed AND he won me a check for a couple thousand dollars. All I can say is that he was amazing. When no other lawyer had the time or experience to handle my case, he turned it into a chunk of money.

When we split the money, his office manager noticed at the last minute that I was "overcharged" a couple hundred and re-did the paperwork. I would never have noticed (out of a couple thousand), but Mr. Roper was such a good partner that I sometimes feel like I should've let them keep the math error as a good tip for being a stand up guy. This guy has a lot of experience and is an honorable person to work with. If you choose to hire him as your partner and attorney on your case, I am glad to say that you have one of the best people on your team.

Mr. Roper handled a car purchase that was fraudulently done by a car dealership for me. He went above and beyond what was expected to ensure that I got the deal I was supposed to get. He made sure all documents were legal and met with my approval. My call to him was was an answered prayer. He made sure the dealership did not take advantage of me again. I am very grateful for his help and would recommend his legal expertise and services to anyone who is looking for an honest and knowledgeable attorney.

Mr roper did a great job for me he helped me get out of a failure to move over ticket and saved me from losing my license. Superb lawyer would use him for anything i needed...just AWESOME!!!!!

Effective, efficient, and communicative
John Roper is an extremely effective counselor who fought to get me everything I deserved. His knowledge of the law is superior and he kept me informed during the entire process. John Roper is truly a credit to his profession!Highly recommended!

I hired Mr Roper for a automobile misrepresentation case, and he was the only lawyer I could find who would even talk to me about my case. Well that turned out to be a blessing, given the way Mr Roper handled my case. Mr Roper has integrity, is very honest, and more than fair. My case was finally settled, and Mr Roper got all my money back, including ALL expenses, and I had a little left over after that. If you are thinking about hiring this lawyer, DO IT! He is my hero!!!!!!!!

Jim H.
Great Lawyer...he will be right down the line with you and up front and waist no time.

Victoria C.
Just the first time I met him he assured me that the case I have a better outcome then I thought it could. I would recommend him to anyone and is a straight forward person. He isn't gonna tell you something that he can't do. The ladies are very nice and sweet and take your feelings into consideration.

Christina J.
Great experience. Four collection agencies dismissed lawsuits and took their reporting out of credit bureaus.

Alexander D.